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An optimal approach to successful online publication

Right from the start, everything will be implemented for a successful project completion. We will plan the work schedule with you and gather every piece of information involved and share the intel amongst ourselves! We always plan the time necessary for:

  • The analysis of your requests and needs.
  • The information architecture from tree navigation to contents.
  • The technological selection for the best-suited tools (CMS and others) that are more profitable to use.
  • The visual appeal of your website.
  • The on-page and off-page SEO (search engine optimization strategies involved).
  • The tools needed for analyzing behavioral data on your website visitors.
  • The online advertising campaign creation and management with Google AdWords.

1. Project Start

Our first meeting is intended as a presentation of the team members who will work on your project but also of getting familiar with anything relevant to you or your project.

At this stage, we collect info to summarize your needs but also all the creative elements needed to create your site (logos, corporate charter, content of the current site inventory, know your users and statistics of your current site).

Following this meeting, we will perform a case study and further develop our project management strategy.

2. Information Architecture

Following this meeting, we will perform a case study and further develop our project management strategy.

Thus, the content restructuring and optimization factors in the following:

  • Structuring content
  • Web content editing
  • On-page search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Tools to track user behavior on your website
  • Targeted advertising campaigns with Google AdWords
3. Design Creation

Following our first project management meeting, our designers have probed, questioned, imagined … .. and om there, the prelude to creation.

Considering your needs, we will propose a wireframe design with proper ergonomics and browsing environment.

From there, artwork will be created in accordance with your visual identity, your brand image, your target audience and your specific requirements.

4. Programming and CMS settings

The choice of CMS has been set initially. The configuration and customization will be carried out by designers and programmers. Programming, a crucial point for us to introduce functionalities in accordance with our previous need analysis.

The project need analysis will feature all the information needed but also the desired behavior of some features to ensure mutual understanding of how they should perform or function. This will be the basis for programmers to adapt the applications involved.

5. Quality control

At this stage of our project management strategy, open communication and full cooperation will be crucial. We will review the site and apply any necessary corrections needed.

Then we will deliver the website within our own project development environment or platform in order to validate entirely before going live.

One of the most important phase, a mandatory step not to be neglected.

6. Training

One of the most important phase, a mandatory step not to be neglected.

We will offer training tailored to the skill level of your team members.

  • Newbie: for contributors on content publishing information
  • Intermediate: for the webmaster
  • Expert: responsible for technical support
7. Launch

Throughout the process, we have addressed everything related to going live for both domain name and hosting. You should know who manages your domain and where you will want your website hosted.

You can take advantage of our hosting service for all your data which includes:

  • High-level security
  • Daily backup copies
  • Broadband access
  • Ubiquity of access
  • Gradual increase in storage capacity
  • Protection against intruders and viruses

The new website lauch will take place as soon as we completed our indexation tasks. The automated reporting, tracking and monitoring of your search engine result page rankings per keywords, as much as behavioral visitor profiling, are both making it possible for you to engage with your audience punctually and to focus on the prime interest, or even simply for necessary adjustments or to optimize your website.