Web development

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For custom-made development

We have developped a selection of products tailored for large-size operational needs. We create solutions to very specific needs or situations by building unique unprecedented and imaginative proposals.

  • Identity centre (by-the-user, self-serve and web-based identity governance and access management tool)
  • BuanderieWeb
  • Ardoize (Web-based software tool compatible with every interactive whiteboard (Smartboard)
  • Répertoire (cultural repertoire for high school students at a provincial level)

Our expertise

  • Designing web applications (PHP, .NET, JavaScript, ASP, CSS, HTML)
  • Creating new features and plugins for open-source content management system (TYPO3, WordPress, Joomla).

Our combined knowledge and experience makes it possible for us to provide guidance and support to a variety of organization by offering refined products and solutions built to withhold growth and business development.